Starting out, some resources I used on my own journey:

Resources from other groups:

My friend Silvana suggests these books:Roblox Free Unlimited Robux and Tix

“Methodology of the Oppressed” by Chela Sandoval. Silvana says: “Angela Davis wrote the foreword. It was one of my textbooks at PSR in Berkeley. One of the quotes in the book stuck with me: “The range of contemporary critical theories suggests that it is from those who have suffered the sentence of history – subjugation, domination, diaspora, displacement – that we learn our most enduring lessons for living and thinking.” – Homi Bhabha”

“Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys” by Victor M. Rios. Silvana says: “The author grew up in the ghetto of Oakland, California in the 1980s and 90s. A former gang member and juvenile delinquent, he earned a PhD at Berkeley and returned to this hometown to study the difficult lives of young men facing violence, exclusion, and mass incarceration. I use his story and another book he wrote, “Street Life” in my work with incarcerated youths.”


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