Starting out, some resources I used on my own journey: “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh. Written in 1988 & still important. “Understanding White Privilege” by Frances Kendall. You can download her handouts online. “Dismantling Racism” by Western States Center. Download here: (Western States has an annual conference for activists at Reed College, usually includes […]


Why “racisim is a white problem”? Isn’t racism everyone’s problem? It’s complicated. What I mean by the title of the blog is this: Racism is my people, white people’s, responsibility. Our issue. We need to own our place in the system. The system lives & thrives in us. Racism impacts white people. It isn’t just that […]

We Sound Hysterical: Fear and Vulnerability in White Women Speaking Out Against Racism

When well-meaning white people talk about racism, our voices sound odd. Her voice trembles, then rises, and I hear my white friend say, “I am just tired of it not being okay for me to talk about race. That’s bullshit.” I look around the table at the other women and wonder how safe it is […]